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Our family is from Fuzhou Fujian in China. My father, used to be a product delivery driver for some years. In 1993, while making a delivery in Waynesboro VA, He noticed a small chinese take out joint for sale next to Kroger Shopping Center. He felt mesmerized with the idea of such a great spot for a family business. Later on 1994, we opened Ming Garden for business as a small take-out Restaurant. Customers were constantly suggesting the idea of a Chinese Buffet so we expanded and added the dine in Buffet.
 Things went well, so in 2006, the current premises close by were for sale. It took nearly 2 years to complete the renovations (it was in bad shape but with great potential).
In 2008, New Ming Garden open its beautiful new Restaurant offering our Patrons more than 100 items to choose from. Today is considered the Best Chinese Buffet in Augusta County, Nelson County, Waynesboro and Staunton. Thanks to you, our Community, we serve and we cook, food to be delightful, eye appealing and satisfying for all tastes and ages.
Enjoy some of those pictures below from 2008, (notice the banner outside of the building prior to the opening in 2008). Thanks for been part of our history. 

About our Hometown

Fuzhou , City in China
Fuzhou is the capital and one of the largest cities in Fujian province, People's Republic of China. Along with the many counties of Ningde, those of Fuzhou are considered to constitute the Mindong linguistic and cultural area. Wikipedia
Area: 4,702 sq miles (12,177 km²)
Province: Fujian
Population: 2.124 million (2000) UN. data
Fuzhou is an old port city, Marco Polo visited it. In the 19th century, it exported more tea than any other Chinese port. Today, it is the provincial capital and administrative center, and also a major center for light industry. Nike has a factory there, and a Taiwanese firm that makes shoes for Adidas, Reebok and others has four. All are large factories, with several thousand employees each. Fuzhou is right across the straits from Taipei, and there is fairly heavy Taiwan investment.
The city is on the Min River, a few km inland from the sea. There are many mountains and waterfalls in the hinterland, while sandy beaches are abundant in the coastal areas, especially in the town of Changle and the island of Pingtan. The actual port is in the suburb of Mawei, which has also been a center for shipbuilding for several hundred years. In 1884, the French destroyed a dockyard at Mawei, sinking a good part of the Chinese navy and killing hundreds. There is a museum to commemorate this. For a more general view of Fujian's seafaring history, visit the Maritime Museum in Quanzhou.
The Fuzhou region has its own language, called Fuzhou Hua (Fuzhou speech) or Mindong (Eastern Min, where "min" is another name for Fujian). The region also has its own culture and an architectural style distinct from other regions in China and Fujian, which can be found both in the city and in the towns and rural areas around it. The city has the oldest wood structure in South China (Hualin Temple) and has one of the largest historic downtown districts in China "Three Lanes and Seven Alleys" with over 200 residences from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Enjoy a short visually captivating video about Fuzhou, in Fufian Province China including landmarks, food, and customs.

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